I’ve been there, especially when working in-house for some of the larger Law Firms, it’s like any large purchase, buying a house or a car (albeit a lot cheaper), there’s the worry whether you are doing the right thing, the what if’s, why’s and wherefore….

If you are going through the new software selection process, one thing you should ask yourself is why.  Is it the system that is failing, not providing the outputs you’re expecting or is it user adoption, and the lack of information being stored.  If it is the latter, then the chances are that an all singing and dancing CMS might not solve the problem, you may need to find out the reasons behind this before entering into any Legal Software Sales journey.  If the lack of ability, reporting and other outputs are the reasons behind it, speak to your users, see what they need to get out of the system and put together a list of key items (I call it Key Wins), before entering into the selection process.  One thing I can probably guarantee you is that there won’t be one system that will tick all of these in the way that you would expect so you will need to allow for some leeway, sometimes systems may even exceed your expectation!!